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At first glance, Drupal 8 (D8) seems far removed from all versions of Drupal before it. In D8, the Drupal community has moved away from our traditional practice of creating everything from scratch; instead, D8 borrows from other sources, integrating code from other Open Source projects.
This session considers both the practical and philosophical implications of our shifting values as a community and as developers in a D8 world. We’ll take a look at some of the API differences resulting from Drupal 8's use of Symfony for its routing system, Guzzle for an HTTP client, Twig as a template engine and soon, PSR-4 for its autoloader. Through these, we will also talk about how these changes reflect a shift in Drupal thinking to create a stronger community tool for us all.
Progress on Drupal 8 is continuing rapidly. With the Drupal 8 release getting closer by the day, now’s the time to stop worrying and fall in love with D8.
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