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Drupal as an Open Source Eventbrite or replacement? This session will look at the how to setup a Drupal site to handle events and conferences. 

  1. Modules and Techniques for an Events Site: In particular, we'll look at how to handle paid registration, session submission, schedule management and sponsorship pages using Drupal Commerce, Registration module and a few others. 
  2. Customized Needs: We'll look at some examples and case studies of how I've handled project specific challenges on some of some of recent projects, including customized registration types, dynamic scheduling, scaling for rapid registrations, and even appointment based scheduling. 
  3. Event Distribution: I'm also so the lead on the "Events" project, which is a distribution aimed to help in organizing various conferences, camps, clubs and events in general (hence the name, Events!). So, we'll look at how this project aims to make it easier to handle common registration site needs as well as maximize flexiblity for dealing with event-specific customizations.

We'll hopefully be able to have the first alpha release before DrupalCamp Singapore too!

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