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With the pace of change happening so fast in the digital landscape, running projects using waterfall methodologies have become too slow and cumbersome. 6 months to a year project cycles are a thing of the past. Websites will need to constantly evolve with the change in user behaviour or latest trends. By leveraging off an agile methodolgy, clients are able to deliver improvements and enhancements to their users in an iterative process.Learn how sprints are executed during the development phases and how tasks and clients can be better managed using this methodology.     Topics we'll be covering:

  • Agile Methodolgies - Which methodology works? 
  • Team division - How do I need to structure my team for this methodoly?
  • Sprints management - How do i plan the sprints?
  • Task management - Best practices for managing the tasks.
  • Client involvement - How deep does the client need ot be involved in the sprint cycles?
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