08:30 am


09:30 am

Opening (held in Auditorium)

09:45 am

Keynote (held in Auditorium)
Systems Administrator and Drupal Developer
With the latest iteration of Drupal, not only do we get a new code base, but also a new motto of "Proudly found elsewhere", leveraging on the code base of...Read more

10:30 am

iMoney Sponsor Talk

10:45 am

Tea Break

11:00 am

Create a High-Traffic Site with Drupal 8 and Varnish
Web Performance Engineer
Room 2

This session introduces you to Varnish and how it can be use with Drupal 8 to create a high-traffic site able to handle 1,000's of hits per minute on a...Read more

11:45 am

Have a university? Run it on Drupal!
Senior Web Manager
Room 2
All levels

Drupal can be used to run anything big or small, including a university!Find out how Singapore Management University does it to keep the web team’s sanity in check managing the...Read more

12:30 pm


01:30 pm

Setting up SSO for Drupal using OpenAM and SAML
Software Engineer
Room 2
All levels

Are you running multiple instances of Drupal or any other applications for that matter, in your organization? Have you gotten into a big mess trying to manage users individually on...Read more

02:15 pm

Creating CKEditor plugins on Drupal and Using JQuery inside your plugin
Drupal Developer
Room 2
All levels

This session will include methods tips and tricks to create plugins with CKEditor. Why CKEditor? It is because CKEditor willl be included inside Drupal 8 (,, So...Read more

03:00 pm

CMI: Configuration Management Initiative (D8)
Drupal Developer
Room 2
All levels

Too much headache for the Drupal 7 Features module? This session will walkthrough the advantage and rich features of the Configuration Management Initiative. The Features module lets you export  database stored...Read more

03:45 pm

Tea Break

04:00 pm

Drupal Deployment Automation using AWS Elastic Beanstalk for Docker
Senior Drupal Developer
Room 2

This topic will discuss about drupal deployment using AWS elastic beanstalk for docker. Will demonsatrate how to deploy drupal with an architecture that canhandle hundreds of thousands of users....Read more

04:45 pm

Acquia Sponsor Talk

05:00 pm

Closing / Lucky Draw