08:30 am


09:30 am

Opening (held in Auditorium)

09:45 am

Keynote (held in Auditorium)
Systems Administrator and Drupal Developer
With the latest iteration of Drupal, not only do we get a new code base, but also a new motto of "Proudly found elsewhere", leveraging on the code base of...Read more

10:30 am

iMoney Sponsor Talk

10:45 am

Tea Break

11:00 am

Drupal for Event and Conference Sites
Entrepreneur / Drupal Developer
Room 1
All levels

Drupal as an Open Source Eventbrite or replacement? This session will look at the how to setup a Drupal site to handle events and conferences. 

  1. Modules and Techniques for an
  2. ...Read more

11:45 am

Introduction to Drupal 8 Theming
Drupal Developer
Room 1

This session will introduce you to Drupal 8 theme, how it works, and how to make a theme.Read more

12:30 pm


01:30 pm

How to pitch Drupal and achieve end user love with Demo Framework
Technical Architect
Room 1
All levels

Demo Framework is a powerful presentation of what Drupal can do. Here I will provide tips on how we present with Demo Framework and promote Drupal as Enterprise ready.

In...Read more

02:15 pm

Agile Drupal Development
Head of Digital
Room 1
All levels

With the pace of change happening so fast in the digital landscape, running projects using waterfall methodologies have become too slow and cumbersome. 6 months to a year project cycles...Read more

03:00 pm

Get Your Modules Ready for Drupal 8
Senior Drupal Developer
Room 1

How do you convert your Drupal 7 modules to work on a Drupal 8 web site?

Hands-on, this session includes a live demo that takes you through the module conversion...Read more

03:45 pm

Tea Break

04:00 pm

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Drupal 8
Technical Consultant
Room 1
All levels
At first glance, Drupal 8 (D8) seems far removed from all versions of Drupal before it. In D8, the Drupal community has moved away from our traditional practice of creating
...Read more

04:45 pm

Acquia Sponsor Talk

05:00 pm

Closing / Lucky Draw